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MP1100 Series UPS

Product Description

MP1100 series UPS is to adopt global most advanced DSP digital control technique, with voice   call   send-alerting  alarming  function,  high-speed  microprocessor(MCU), programmable logic device(CPLD), the sixth generation IGBT and static state switch are dissipation with exhausts HP high power, which enter into deduce digital ages of classic legend, bring up with the big capacity, high reliability, stability of function to reside global top-grade level.

The  MP1100  series  UPS’ s  capacity  from  1-20  KVAS, by  means  of  100%  network environments  adaptability which are widely  used in the network  office  environment  of following  sides such as BC billing  center of communications, BCS BTS communication station, the banking  business  outlets,  ATM the cash dispenser, stock  exchange  firm, transportation,electric power,industry and any other profession vocation.

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